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Just The Two Of Us – Smooth Jazz Alto Saxophone Cover – Grover Washington Junior Style

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Alto Saxophone Cover – Just the two of us – Smooth Jazz Grover Washington Junior Style

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275 Gedanken zu „Just The Two Of Us – Smooth Jazz Alto Saxophone Cover – Grover Washington Junior Style

  1. Sehr cool gemacht, tolles video

    1. grazie

  2. This sounds great

    1. Hi Claude, thank you, man. Wish you a fantastic day!

  3. Me encantó su versión y su acompañamiento. (espero algún día copiarlo con mi saxo).

    1. Mirta encantada , muchas gracias. I am glad that you like it.

  4. Awesome work man! Keep it up!

    1. Hi Adam, thanks a lot. Appreciate. bye

  5. love it!

    1. Hi, thank you so much, man.

  6. Excuse me, which mouthpiece did you use?

    1. Hi, it is a Aaaron Drake Handmade. Bye Bernd

  7. 2 abos from me ! keep going !

    1. cool. greetings Bernd

  8. Where you find the backing track for this?

    1. Its a playback from Hal Leonards Pop Standards (I guess).

    2. Xavier Scott It’s Hal Leonard Smooth Jazz Volume 65, a good one to have.

    3. Great! Thank you. Thats it.

  9. this is so relaxing 👍👍👍 may i know whats the size of ur mouthpiece and reed?

    1. Hi Jovy, its an Meyer USA 7, the standard one. I changed between Meyer and Otto Link. Recently I am playing an Aaron Drake Parker Model with a tip opening 7 ( )
      bye Bernd

  10. I would kill to play like this! Nice sax playing!

    1. great. Thank you so much.

    2. MrSuperzation practice practice practice perfect practice makes perfect

  11. wooo!! cookin!! my man!!

    1. Thank you. Im glad you like my stuff.

  12. Well done sir…

    1. thanks. 🙂

  13. friend, could sell the backing track or tell me where I can find it ?. thank you

    1. Hal Leonard Jazz Play Along, Vol 65, Smooth Jazz

    2. Thank you!!!

    3. Hello Angus, thank you very much. bye Bernd

  14. Could you tell us what mic and mixing tips do you use please ? Thx and great job !

    1. Hello Nicola, In this video I used a Zoom H2n recorder. You can plug it via usb into your computer. Its a mic + audio-interface in one. The recording software is Logic and I added just a bit of a space-effect on the saxophone sound (small room).

  15. Quality!

  16. Nice rendition, what brand of sax are you playing on?

    1. Hi, its a LC Lien Cheng. Taiwan. bye Bernd

      Never heard of this brand, plays very well.

  17. ITunes?

    1. noch nicht.

  18. YOU have brought Oscar and Pulitzer Awards to „Just The Two Of Us“ with your excellence on both melody and improvisation.

    Gratitude in abundance, champ!

    1. great, thats amazing. Thank you so much. bye Bernd

  19. great playing! can I get your play along track that you use in this songs?

    1. Hi Prasasya, thanks. The playback is the book
      bye Bernd

    2. okaay thanks 🙂

  20. do you teach this on your website? wow. i loved it

    1. Hi Adrien, thank you so much…

  21. Where can i get the sheet for this solo, you do it so well. my band is soon to play this and i was hoping to do a solo just like this to audition with, is there a music sheet with the notes that i can learn?

    1. Hi Sabrina, thank you for your comment. I´m glad you like what I play. You ll find a score from the Hal Leonard Jazz Play-Along Volume 65, but I guess I played that one differently by heart. I have no written sheet of that. There is a lot of material in the melody to use for an impro part. I often just play around with the melody and try to create something from it. bye Bernd

  22. Linus Torvalds

  23. Quiero tocar asii , me encanta 🙂

    1. No hablo mucho espanol, pero entiendo tu comentario y quiero dar las gracias. I hope thats not too bad my spanish…thank you, Alejandra.

  24. Sounds so good

    1. thank you so much…

  25. You got skills

    1. thank you so much…

  26. I need this sheet music 😍

    1. Its a play along from Hal Leonard Vol 65 – Smooth Jazz. best regards bernd

  27. A great cover and played beautifully.

    1. thank you so much…

  28. I got the solo for this song in my school and im doing what you did in the beginning. i was so glad to be able to play it by ear. thank you so much you helped me get what i have been striving for ! 😄

    1. Hi Sabrina, hey, its great to get your message. Im very glad that you like my soloing. thanks Bernd

    2. CHI-CHI-CHI

  29. which sax do you use? mouthpiece etc

    1. Hi, it is a Meyer USA 7, bye Bernd

  30. I love it 😉

    1. thanks. bye Bernd

  31. Awesome playing!! Where would I be able to find a similar backing track?

    1. Hi Adam, its a Play Along Book from Hal Leonard „Smooth Jazz“. bye Bernd

  32. Amazing!!

    1. Thank you so much…bye Bernd


    1. cool! thank you. Bye Bernd

  34. My heart bleeds for you!

  35. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!

  36. I hope one day I’m as good as you

  37. Great Job! What kind of recording equipment are you using in this video? Does that impact the „smoothness“ of the sound?

    1. Hi, its nothing special. In this video I used a H2n Zoom recorder like a usb-micro plugged directly into my computer. bye Bernd

  38. you’re an incredible player… those small nuances make you sound very unique. great video!

    1. Hi Jon, thank you so much. bye Bernd

  39. Absolutely incredible my good man!

    1. So damn smooth.

  40. smooth

  41. sehr kuschelig – ganz mein Geschmack

  42. So smooth and soft.

  43. nice version.. please share the sheet music thanks in advance

    1. Hi Darwin, the sheet music is here from that book I guess I am not aloud to to share a scan because of copyright. i hope you can find somewhere a copy. bye bernd

    2. thanks it helps me a lot… hope you make more videos for us sax players… Godbless

  44. you can certainly play! great redition of this song

    1. Hi Colin, thank you so much. bye bernd

  45. Man i wish i could play like this 🙂 Subscribed immediately!

    1. Hi Stefan, what´s the point? I am listening to your Cover-Version of Bruno Mars Versace on the flloor right now. And its amazing. Such a good feeling and sound. I like that very much. You subscribed to my channel…so did I to yours 🙂 Appreciate what you are doing…bye Bernd

    2. The point was that i really enjoy your cover videos especially this, and i strive to achieve that maturity in playing. I play the saxophone for 3 and a half years and i am not musically trained so i am listening a lot of music and saxophonists (teachers), so when i said that i really mean it. 🙂 Thank you very, very much

    3. Hi Stefan, it is fantastic. With only 3 and a half years …you got a lot of talent. Keep going. I cant wait to see your next videos…bye Bernd

  46. is it a selmer alto?

    1. Hi Ugo, no selmer. It s a Lien Cheng from Taiwan. Recently I am playing a Martin Commite Vintage Alto. Bye Bernd

    2. Thank you very much!

  47. Great sound

    1. Hi Pedro, thank you so much. Im glad to hear from you. Bye bernd


  49. The Best

  50. Gusto musicale incredibile e suono fantastico SEI UN GRANDE!!! Ti invidio!!!!!!!!

    1. Ciao Davide, grazie mille. Mi fa piacere.

  51. очень мягко, чувственно …..спасибо большое, теперь у меня есть пример как надо играть на саксофоне 🙂

  52. I’m leaning saxophone by myself now
    and it’s really hard any tip for self-learner or any good method or website that can help me with the training
    thx 🙂

  53. So smooth!!!!!!!

  54. Impressive!! I really enjoyed his Flawless and intricate licks. He played extremely smooth. I’m glad this guy’s doing tutorials to help people instead of beginners. This guy has mad skills!!
    4 STARS!!!

  55. Great sound, refreshing, individualistic

  56. Excellent .

  57. Show!! Mouthpiece Meyer 7 médium chamber???? Yes??no??

  58. Didn’t know shaun locke played the sax haha

    1. Yeah, its me!

  59. i want sheet music

    1. Hi, I am sorry I have not sheetmusic. But there is a Hal Leonard Book (Jazz Series) where you can find a version of the song. bye

  60. gefällt mir sehr gut…respekt…toller sound…und phrasierungen 🙂

    1. Ich danke dir. vg Bernd

  61. ¡ufff! Excelente, saludos desde Colombia.

  62. Setup man please!!! Big quality of sound! Felipe Cariacica, Brasil

  63. Awesome Cover!!!! can I get a sheet for this arrange ver.?

    1. Hi, I have no sheet. But its in Hal Leonards Play Along „smooth jazz“ book. Thank you…bye Bernd

  64. Any chance you could link the instrumental please?

    1. Hi, no its not allowed. Copyright problems. Its from smooth jazz play along Hal Leonard Publications. vg Bernd

  65. Nice full smooth sound.

    1. Thank you.

  66. Wow , super man, amazing 👏🏻👏🏻

    1. Hi, thank you so much. bye Bernd

  67. How long does it take to reach his level

    1. Phantom Elite just depends on your natural aptitude and how much you practice. I taught sax for 25 years and almost ever student or their parent asked how long until They are able to play well ? Lol 🙃 it’s one on those questions that can’t be answered …it’s different for every one . Some prodigies will obtain a hi level of musicianship in a few short years. Others will never obtain it no matter how much they practice 👍 only way to know is jump in and try

  68. Can you send le the music sheet at

  69. Einfach nur der Hammer so smooth, was mich schon immer Wunder genommen hat, was man mit den Kopfhörern hört die Musik die du spielst einfach versetzt? Grüsse aus Basel und Danke im voraus für die Antwort.

  70. bravissimo

  71. God that’s so beautiful


  73. I can’t play that easy on my bundy alto. Really gotta blow hard. I wish I could play better. Nicely done

    1. mindciller try some different mouthpieces and reed combinations in reality the horn ( if in good working order ) has very little to do with your sound . But the biggest factor in how you sound is practice practice practice. I practiced 8 hours a day 7 days a week never missed one day even took my sax on vacations with my family ( they really hated that lol ) in addition I played in several bands and I’d say it took me about 7 years to get my sound exactly like I wanted it . Mileage will vary person to person of course. Also listen to as many great sax players as you can to find the sound you are going for. You won’t ever get to a place unless you know where your going. Best of luck sax is an awesome instrument I’ve loved playing for 42 years 👍

  74. Fantastic cover!

    1. Hi Yonah, thank you.

  75. i like your sound ,please

    Which saxophone mouthpiece?

    1. Thank you! Hi, Im not shure what I played in that video. I change my mouthpieces. I guess it was a Meyer USA oder Otto Link Tone Edge. bye Bernd

  76. Wow. That was great

  77. Sweet sound

  78. Hi. Great tone and well done. Mind telling us where to get the backing track? Is that a Yani sax? Thanks.

  79. excelent phrasing

  80. Wow awesome, wow

  81. this guy is a copy from united states musicians !!! he’s not original

    1. thank you for your comment

    2. so why you don’t answer some comments !!!
      I asked you “ can you selling this soundtrack to me “ I’m sure you read it
      so if you don’t wanna sell it just just answer the question and say „i can’t „!!!

  82. Wircklich gut! felicitaciones!

  83. i Love you

  84. Smoooooooth

  85. Can’t look good with sax embouchure xD. it looks like a bad smile but with a good tone quality. Why curse us god. I look like an idiot sometimes.

  86. Just fantastic, awesome performance………

  87. I’ll bury my bones here.

  88. Any good tips/advice for a self learner saxophone 🙂

  89. Das ist so ein Hammer!

  90. Nice video !

  91. Macht doppelt Spaß zuzuschauen und zuzuhören, da du die ganze Zeit beim Spielen grinst! 😀

  92. He’s making sweet love to that sax if u notice his eyes are closed the musical talent is just the bi-product and we get to watch this porn lol

    1. bruh😭💀

    2. what the fuck

    3. I think it’s physically impossible to play the sax with your eyes open 😌

  93. 1:40 is my fav

    1. agree

  94. Still one the most touching sax videos I’ve seen so far on youtube! Amazing! Thank you!

  95. Thats a great sound SAXBRIG! I love it. You put so much soul into it.

  96. you play very well, nice Ksaxman.

  97. Dude this guy is hella good

  98. Played beautifully, my version not goog 👍👍👍

  99. 0:07 Your licc has been noticed

  100. Possible having the scores to try at home?

  101. Hey Bernd, Wow! Dein sound der ist soo schön und da steckt so viel Leidenschaft drin👍
    Könntest du mir irgendwie den Backing track schicken? Wär mega toll und echt wichtig.. danke schonmal im voraus 😉

    1. Hi Rafa, der backing Track ist von HalLeonard jazz Playalongs. Im Volume 65 smokt jazz. vg Bernd

  102. Interpretação com alma!
    Ver estes vídeos que fazem gostar ainda mais desse instrumento sem igual.

    1. Muito Obrigado. or thank you so much


  104. i like the lick so much! May i know what’s your setup?

    1. Hi, I think it was a Otto Link Tone Edge 7 oder a Meyer USA 7. I am not sure. I changes a lot in that days. bye Bernd

  105. Grande ……feeling

  106. Fantastico sonido desde España. Que saxo es y cual es tu set-up. Boquilla caña etc. Sè que hablas un poquito español. Un saludo.

    1. Holla, muchas gracias. ciao Bernd

  107. Which saxophone is better for smooth jazz? Alto or Tenor?

    1. Hi, difficult to say. Regarding to the most famous recordings I would say Alto is the winner. You hear a lot of smooth jazz solos played on alto. I like both for smooth stuff. bye Bernd

  108. Damn I didn’t know agent phil coulson is such a smooth sax player

  109. Nice!!!

    1. thanks.

  110. Excelente sonido maestro!!

    1. Gracias. bye Bernd

  111. What a beautiful tone man

  112. Hi,

    brutal goiell abgeliefert, würd ich mal sagen 👍
    …und super schön phrasiert, mein liewer Herr Gesangsverein – Hut ab.
    Top notch

  113. Do you have a pdf transcription for the lick at the beginning? It sounds amazing!

    1. Hey Frank, thank you so much. No transcription, sorry. But you can find the tune in hal leonard jazz play alongs vol smooth jazz i guess. bye Bernd

    2. @@saxbrig I have the tune from the hal leonard book. I meant the intro lick that you incorporated in the tune. It’s amazing!

  114. Wirklich sehr, sehr schön! Klasse!

  115. I really love it!

  116. When I can’t sleep,I always listening this,

  117. Can you please tell me the notes 🙂

    1. Hi Adam, its a Play Along Book from Hal Leonard „Smooth Jazz“. bye Bernd

  118. I am left breathless. You have such perfect control of dynamics. What a cover. ♥️

  119. It’s all in German ,I think 🤔,all your material,that I’m interested in plus speak Dutch ,please advise .👍

  120. I just ordered my first sax I hope I can catch on something new after playing guitar for 35 years

  121. 3:23 nice

  122. I’ve been looking for a while and for some reason no one plays this song the way I want it to be played. Great cover though👍

  123. I need backing track 🙏🙏

  124. Grüße sie recht herzlich, fantastische Töne, Respekt und Hut ab, soweit will ich auch mal kommen😅👍🏻🎷vielen Dank hierfür👌🏻

  125. This entire performance was insane but I’m can’t get over the lick in the beginning. is there a name for it/ where can I learn it?

  126. Hello friend, how to get the music playback Just The Two Of Us

  127. What is your set, man?

  128. made my heart soar

  129. Wow! 😍

  130. Very talented! I wish I could learn this on my sax! I haven’t played since I was a kid!

  131. Sheet music when?

    1. Hi Levi, its from the Playalong Series Hal Leonard „smooth Jazz“. bye Bernd

  132. you are fucking Perfect, what is your setup?

  133. I am confused on what is the proper key is for this song. i hear in 2 different ones and . So do you play it to sound like the original ? I understand that if if like you are doing if you play the solo theme starting from A on Alto sax it would be like the tenor starting 5 semi tones higher which would be D. So is that what you believe the original song version is ad you are trying to just transpose to Alto? thank you for clarifying. Also since on the tenor the player would be using different keys is it more easier to play the song on tenor

    1. Hi Red, this is the same key as Bill Withers and Grover Washington Junior played in the Original recording. Maybe you got another recording? It s originally in the Key of Ab/F Minor . For Alto in F/ D Minor and for Tenor in Bb/G Minor. That how I know it. I hope it helps. bye Bernd

    2. @@saxbrig thank you, did Bill Withers play it on tenor or alto ? i just guess on tenor. on which one is more easier according to you?

    3. @@Redwane-Music Grover Washington Jr. originally played it on Tenorsax. I found this one here: bye Bernd

    4. @@saxbrig thank you, so do you thing this recording was de-tuned to one tone lower? I can see that the tempo also is not right , too slow it seems, what do you think ? to me it sounds as if the whole band were drunk to play like that. not like the original

    5. @@saxbrig I never watched this , they had a blast, great jamming session

  134. do you think you can make a tutorial on how to play it please?

    1. Hi Carlos, yes maybe. I ll try, but in English? Could be too hard for me…we will see. bye Bernd

  135. Hallo Bernd, erstmal danke für das coole Sax-Cover! Die erste Minute komm ich schon ganz gut mit deinem Spiel mit… Frage: Hast du zufällig noch den Backtrack irgendwo liegen? Alle anderen hier auf Youtube sind nicht wirklich schön und vor allem deutlich schneller. Danke im Vorraus!!!

  136. Nice Sound, What Mouthpiece Do You use And Reeds?

    1. Hi Aaron, its a Otto Link Tone Edge 7 I guess. But now i switche to Aaron Drake Mouthpieces. bye Bernd

  137. ..vibrante y emocional!

    1. gracias. vg Bernd

  138. 1:40 gosh i love that part

    1. thank you!

  139. wheres sheet music

  140. Sooooooo geil, Bernd!

  141. This version is on Apple Music?

  142. なんでこんなにいい音出るんだろ

  143. Been wondering, is it meyer or select jazz mpc😀😀✌
    Lovely tone!

  144. It’s really amazing I can’t stop listening 🔥🔥❤️

  145. 😍✨🎷☺️

  146. Fuck you and your technik, this is tooo good! hahaha
    Congratulations!! Even though you make the rest of us look bad haha

    One day I will play like this

  147. magnifico maestro

  148. 💕

  149. That was an awesome cover! Good job

  150. blessing to my ears

  151. I’d love the sheet

  152. Esto es magia! Dios! Me transporta tu música!

  153. i love it

  154. 🥺❤️🎷

  155. Perfect! Sir, can you share the sheet music and backing track pls.

  156. Do you have the sheet music?

    1. @@BerndHartnagel Ok. Thank you for the reply

  157. kinda looks like sean lock…

  158. Fucking banger and nailed it

  159. I’m convinced if Grover dropped it tomorrow it would be a billboard number 1 hit

  160. Could someone please give me notes for this exact solo. I would die for if

  161. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🎷

  162. That’s INCREDIBLE !!! I have just one question, what’s the name of the articulation you employed in the first lick ? When you did “Bb-A-Bb” because that was awesome 😎

  163. Wunderschön !

  164. ❤❤❤

  165. This is awesome! this one’s been my guide to learn the song section by section 👍🏻
    0:13 0:24 0:34 0:45
    0:57 1:08 1:18 1:29
    1:41 2:04
    2:48 2:59 3:09 3:20

  166. This is really a vibe that I imagine I will hear from the jazz club. So good, so smooth.

  167. Amazing. Id love a tutorial on how to play with this embouchure and what mouthpiece you use

  168. Beautiful

  169. Long time no see. Traumschön Bernd ❤️ Machst du in diesem noch einen Tag der offenen Tür? Es ist super schön, zu sehen, wie du deinen Weg gehst 👏

  170. Hello, very great cover !
    What is your Mouth piece ?
    And your sheets ?

  171. Waw, champion ! Merci, c’est magnifique !!

  172. Great control on your play!

  173. 🍀

  174. the sheet is too expensive too sad i cant afford one

  175. Best recording I’ve ever listened to! Can’t stop listening to it!

  176. Fantastic rendition 😁

  177. браво!

  178. Hey! I’m Brazilian and I wanted to buy this backing, but the link you described is for book sales and to be sent by post. Could you help me to acquire only this playback?

  179. No matter how any years has passed or how many new sax channels arrive.
    I still keep coming back to this video. lol

  180. very beautiful sound Thank you.

  181. Sehr schön 🥰

  182. Mega

  183. I Think in Just The Two Of Us of Eminem

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